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Khao Soi Thai Cafe Menu

We serve traditional Thai food from 10am – 2pm, Friday & Saturday.
Each week we create a special dish from a different area of Thailand.
Dishes such as, Kai Jeow, Khao Mok Gai, Kanom Chin Nam Ya, Guay Tiew, Tom Jeaw Pla.
Most of the dishes are tapas portion sizes.
All dishes marker (V) can be vegetarian or vegan.

  • AF Beer
  • Curry
  • Mains
  • Noodles
  • Soup
  • Tapas
  • Thai Dessert
  • Thai Specials
A plate of duck spring rolls and hoisin sauce from our Khao Soi Cafe menu

Duck Spring Rolls

  • duck
  • vegetables
  • hoisin sauce
Our homemade duck spring rolls. Shredded duck wrapped snugly in pastry with tasty vegetables, deep fried, served with hoisin sauce.
ALLERGENS: soya, wheat.
A plate of Pla Goong, a delicious Thai king prawn salad from our Khao Soi Cafe menu

Pla Goong – King Prawn Salad

  • prawn
  • garlic
  • chilli
  • lime
  • coriander
  • mint
  • lemongrass
A healthy, traditional Thai salad with king prawns mixed with garlic, chillis, chilli oil, lime, coriander, mint, freshly sliced lemongrass, fish sauce and salad.
ALLERGENS: crustaceans.
Som Tam, Thai Salad being made in 'pok pok' pestle and mortar

Som Tam (Thai Salad)

  • papaya
  • tomatoes
  • garlic
  • fine beans
  • carrots
  • ground peanuts
  • chilli.
Shredded papaya, tomatoes, garlic, fine beans, carrots, ground peanuts mixed with fish sauce, chillis and beaten in a pestal and mortar. (V) (GF)
ALLERGENS: peanuts.
A bottle of Lucky Saint alcohol free beer

Lucky Saint

  • malted barley
  • freshest hops
  • single-use yeast.
Lucky Saint doesn’t taste like an alcohol-free beer because it’s not brewed like one
A can of Infinite American Pale Ale alcohol free beer

Infinite American Pale Ale

  • Hops: Simcoe
  • Citra
  • Mosaic.
Infinite American Pale Ale combines a smooth, six-grain body with tropical new-world hops to give a refreshing & bitter flavour.
A can of Infinite India Pale Ale alcohol free beer

Infinite India Pale Ale

  • Hops: Citra
  • Amarillo
  • Centennial
Dry hopped with Amarillo & Citra to give a bold citrus flavour. Six grains combine to give a smooth, full body. Hoppy AF.
A bottle of birra moretti zero alcohol free beer

Birra Moretti Zero

  • hops
  • water
  • barley
  • malt
Birra Moretti Zero, brewed with Italian passion and the finest quality ingredients. Perfectly balanced with fresh, hoppy and citrus notes, the perfect match for any meal.
A can of Free Damm alcohol free beer

Free Damm (AF Beer)

  • water
  • malt
  • barley
  • hops
Free Damm is a clean, sparkling, transparent amber colour with shades of gold. It has a clean, intense aroma, The taste is delicate, with suggestions of grains and toast.
A bottle of Swan Free alcohol free beer

Swan Free (AF Beer)

  • hops
  • water
  • barley
  • malt
An American triple hopped Session IPA, but not as you know it! Modern low alcohol brewing techniques have been optimised to deliver a full flavour, hop forward craft beer.
A bottle of Peroni Libera alcohol free lager

Peroni Libera (AF Beer)

  • hops
  • water
  • barley
  • malt
Peroni Libera 0.0%, crisp and refreshing, where citrus and hoppy notes are followed by a delicate fruity aroma.
A can of Brewdog Nanny State alcohol free beer

Brewdog Nanny State

  • hops
  • water
  • malt
Nanny State - no compromise, no surrender, no alcohol. A brigade of speciality malts and North American hops sends bitterness to the brink and back.
A can of Brewdog Punk AF alcohol free beer

Brewdog Punk AF

  • hops
  • water
  • malt
Punk AF, all the attitude, all the flavour but none of the alcohol. Juicy tropical fruit mixes it up with grassy and pine notes.
A can of Smashed Lager alcohol free lager

Smashed Lager

  • hops
  • water
  • barley
  • malt
Craftily brewed. Perfectly balanced with hints of barley malt, complex aromatic floral notes and mild, hoppy bitterness. 
A can of Smashed Pale Ale alcohol free beer

Smashed Pale Ale

  • hops
  • water
  • malt
A light refreshing pale ale that’s a fusion of traditional and modern. A pale copper colour with hints of caramel and toffee. Finished with an American style hop for a passionfruit aroma. 
A bottle of Stella Artois Zero alcohol free beer

Stella Artois AF Lager

  • hops
  • water
  • malt
Pronounced hoppy bitterness, with a crisp, clean and refreshing finish, and just 60 calories – without even a drop of alcohol.
A dish of mango and sticky rice, Thai dessert with slices of mango, sticky rice and coconut milk

Mango and Sticky Rice

  • mango
  • rice
  • coconut
The taste of this tropical dish is irresistible. Fresh mango, sliced and served with sticky rice and coconut milk dressing. You’ll be coming back for more! (V)

Come on In!

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10am – 2pm


Smokehouse Yard. Stricklandgate.
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